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Welcome to the MIDEL downloads page. Here you will find product and technical information for MIDEL transformer fluids, in addition to case studies and industry media content. If you need further assistance regarding a specific query, please contact the MIDEL team.

  1. MIDEL Selection Guide
    Compare MIDEL fluids to choose the one best suited to your requirements
  1. MIDEL 7131 Product Brochure
  2. MIDEL 7131 Technical Information Pack (Includes Safety Data Sheet)
  3. MIDEL 7131 Safety Data Sheet
  1. MIDEL eN 1204 Product Brochure
  2. MIDEL eN 1204 Technical Information Pack (Includes Safety Data Sheet)
  3. MIDEL eN 1204 Safety Data Sheet
  1. MIDEL eN 1215 Product Brochure
  2. MIDEL eN 1215 Technical Information Pack (Includes Safety Data Sheet)
  3. MIDEL eN 1215 Safety Data Sheet
  1. Progressive Utility chooses MIDEL for Retrofill project
  2. MIDEL Profiled in Transformers Magazine
  3. MIDEL Used in Offshore Installation
  4. MIDEL Used in Siemens Hydropower Project
  5. MIDEL Used in National Grid Project at 400 kV
  6. MIDEL Article in Windpower Engineering Magazine
  7. Experiences in Service with New Insulating Liquids - © CIGRE
    This CIGRE technical brochure covers the in service experience of synthetic esters, natural esters and silicone fluids
  8. Guide for Transformer Fire Safety Practices - © CIGRE
    CIGRE Brochure containing WG A2.33's recommendations for good Transformer Fire Safety Practices to help transformer designers and users to define and apply best practices in the domain of transformer fire
  9. DGA in Non-Mineral Oils and Load Tap Changers - © CIGRE
    This CIGRE report presents progress made by WG D1.32 with regards to DGA in Non-minerail oils and load tap changers
  10. Allianz Fire Test - Demonstrating Fire Safety of a MIDEL 7131 filled Transformer
    Allianz Midel-filled transfomer fire test. MIDEL 7131 did not burn and transformer was still operable
  11. Mitigating Risk in Power Transmission and Distribution
    Examines the risks to power and distribution transformers

About M&I Materials

  1. M&I Materials Corporate Brochure
  2. M&I Materials History Booklet

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