The world's leading brand of ester transformer fluids

Welcome to the world of MIDEL ester transformer dielectric fluids. Acknowledged for outstanding performance across the world, MIDEL leads the way in delivering transformer fire protection, environmental safety and cost savings for utilities and power and distribution transformer manufacturers (and we’ve been doing it since the 1970s). Our range of natural and synthetic ester fluids offers a proven, biodegradable alternative to conventional transformer oils – all delivered with our peerless technical knowledge and applications expertise.

MIDEL fluids are manufactured by MIDEL & MIVOLT Fluids Ltd in the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa and India. This robust manufacturing base ensures a secure supply chain and the ability to deliver the ultimate in transformer risk mitigation. We operate to the highest standards of quality – read more about MIDEL approvals here.

If you have immediate questions, use the contact form here to access our team of ester experts, or browse our downloads section and technical library.

The world's leading brand of ester transformer fluids

Total transformer fluid solutions

As a global supplier of ester transformer fluids, we understand the bottom line. Proven performance. Choice. Logistics. Technical support.

Because MIDEL is a range of natural and synthetic ester transformer fluids, we can supply the right fluid for your transformer whatever the climate, location and environment. If you’re dealing with liquid insulation for transformers, you will be impressed at  the superior qualities of MIDEL fluids.

Ready to tap into the benefits that MIDEL delivers to transformer OEMs, power utilities and industry users across the globe? We’re ready to help – just email [email protected].

Global expertise with local access - with offices in the UK, USA, India, China, UAE, Singapore and South Africa

We are passionate about transformer fluids, starting with our pioneering introduction of MIDEL ester transformer fluids in the 1970s. Our knowledge, expertise and real-world experience in ester transformer fluids is unmatched. When it comes to making the move to ester fluids, we support you every step of the way.