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Dry-type Transformers

Dry-type Transformers

Dry-type transformers have traditionally been used in a range of applications, but research suggests that MIDEL 7131 offers superior performance on a number of levels.

Some of MIDEL 7131’s most important features are detailed below:

MIDEL 7131 v Dry-type Transformers

Fire Resistance

One of the most important reasons to choose MIDEL 7131 is its 100% fire safety. With a high number of transformers located in high risk areas such as underground and indoors, it is imperative that fire risk is kept to a minimum, something Midel has an unparalleled record in achieving.

Environment Protection

In the event of a leak or spillage, MIDEL 7131 has been shown to be an environmentally friendly option. Our synthetic transformer fluid is non-water hazardous and readily biodegradable, as well as being cheaper to recycle than dry-type transformers. In many cases, Midel fluid can be re-used, whereas dry-type and cast resin transformers do not offer such easy options for material re-use.

Transformer Maintenance

Midel-filled transformer can identify potential faults much faster than dry-type transformers, with DGA testing helping to spot problems before they happen. This allows you to carry out the necessary repairs and avoid a lot of expense and wasted time later on.

Coils can be repaired easily when compared with dry-type transformers, where these components will often need replacing once a defect becomes apparent.

Midel is known as the ‘fill and forget’ fluid, as it requires very little maintenance to continue performing at its optimum level. Dry-type transformers are much more difficult to clean, particularly if they are situated in a dusty environment.

More about Midel

If you would like to know more about how the all-round performance of MIDEL 7131 has helped it prove its superiority over dry-type transformers and establish itself as a market leader, contact us by phone, email or post for further information.

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