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Insulating oil for transformers

Insulating oil for transformers

Midel provides insulating oils for transformers that provide a safer, environmentally friendly, high performance alternative to mineral oil.

While these mineral oils have previously been widely used, Midel esters address many of their key flaws to create a product that is now trusted and highly regarded within the industry.

Choose from two Midel products, our synthetic transformer oil MIDEL 7131 or our natural ester fluid MIDEL eN, both of which can ably perform in a broad range of applications.

Properties of MIDEL 7131

The most important features of our synthetic oil are its fire safety and excellent environmental protection. It is also non-corrosive and has become known as the 'fill and forget' fluid due to reports that it requires very low levels of maintenance once MIDEL 7131 has been added.

All of these qualities make it a more appealing option than mineral oil, particularly in high risk areas. For example, fire safety is of paramount importance in transformers located indoors, while for offshore projects environmental protection becomes vital in the event of a spillage or leak.

MIDEL 7131 has the added advantage of being suitable for both sealed and breathing transformers, while it can also be used in mobile transformers.

Properties of MIDEL eN

Our natural transformer fluid is made using renewable materials, and so is ideal for companies wishing to closely monitor their carbon footprint. It is biodegradable, which again helps to minimise its impact on the environment.

MIDEL eN shares many other qualities with MIDEL 7131, including the important factor of fire safety. This dielectric fluid should only be used in sealed transformers, and is well suited to indoor distribution transformers.

Discover more about Midel

If you'd like to find out more about our transformer fluids, you may wish to visit our documents library, where we have a wide range of informative literature explaining our products further. Alternatively, you can contact us to ask any questions you have about our insulating oils for transformers and how they work.

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