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MIDEL 7131 has a long history of use in transformers that form part of a ship's propulsion system. MIDEL 7131 is favoured because it allows for compact transformer designs and increases the levels of fire safety, which are important in restricted spaces.

MIDEL 7131's high temperature stability and excellent lubricity allow it to operate reliably at elevated temperatures, crucial when designing compact transformers. The Royal Navy and US Navy specify MIDEL 7131 because they demand the very best solution and most effective use of the space aboard their vessels.

Unlike mineral oil, MIDEL 7131 has a high fire point and 100% fire safety record that spans three decades. As a result, specifying MIDEL 7131 reduces the risk of a fire occurring in the potentially hazardous and inescapable confines of a ship at sea.

Although we offer MIDEL eN natural ester-based fluid, for ship propulsion applications we would recommend the use of MIDEL 7131 in order to provide the ultimate in protection.

Benefits of MIDEL 7131 in Ship Propulsion Systems

Increased Fire Safety

High Performance

  • Robust and stable, conducive to lower levels of maintenance
  • High temperature performance allowing for compact transformer designs
  • Greater moisture tolerance than mineral oil, silicone liquid and natural ester
  • Proven in demanding propulsion applications

Greater Environmental Protection

  • Readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 and fully biodegradable according to IEC 61039
  • Non-toxic and non-water hazardous

Excellent Customer Service

  • Multilingual commercial team
  • First-rate customer care
  • Continued technical support from the transformer fluid experts

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