Mobile Transformers

Mobile transformers are often deployed to ensure energy supply is maintained when a main transformer is taken out of commission – for maintenance, replacement or even through deliberate damage or an extreme weather event.

Each component of these mobile transformers is constantly reviewed to make sure they can carry out their job effectively, and as with many applications MIDEL dielectric fluids can help ensure they can continue to operate effectively.

Mobile Transformer Applications

A mobile transformer will sometimes be required at short notice to replace a power supply lost due to a fault with the main sources. This can be caused by an unforeseen equipment failure or natural disaster such as a flood.

They can sometimes be brought in temporarily to provide back up while the main units are shut down for scheduled maintenance.

If there is a delay in building work on a new project, bringing in a mobile transformer is often a cheaper option than constructing a secondary transformer away from the main site.

Another circumstance where a mobile transformer may be deployed is if power is required in an isolated area. In these cases, engineers can operate the power remotely.

Using MIDEL transformer fluid

With mobile transformers often used as a back up to a failing main unit, it is essential that they can continue to work effectively. MIDEL transformer fluids offer many benefits that will help to ensure this is the case.

Our high performance natural and synthetic esters offer 100% transformer fire protection, full environmental protection and superior moisture tolerance. They are also very low maintenance, and using MIDEL may mean that your mobile transformer can be designed so it is smaller and has a reduced weight.