Oil & Gas platforms

Oil and gas platforms need transformers to supply electricity to their vital operating systems. MIDEL 7131 has a long history in these environments because it delivers a critical solution for fire safety, reliability and environmental protection requirements.

A transformer fire on a platform is likely to have disastrous and costly consequences. Choosing MIDEL 7131 in place of mineral oil increases fire safety because it has a much higher fire point (>300°C) and a 100% fire safety record. Specifying MIDEL 7131 may allow for a smaller fire suppression system, thereby reducing the cost and size of the platform.

In offshore applications performance is just as important as fire safety. If a transformer failed to withstand the corrosive conditions it would need to undergo expensive, unplanned maintenance. MIDEL 7131 reduces the likelihood of breakdown because it is extremely robust and has good oxygen stability.

Transformers located on oil and gas platforms should also be designed to have minimal impact on the environment. In this respect mineral oil cannot compare to the readily biodegradable and non-water hazardous properties of MIDEL 7131.

Benefits of MIDEL 7131 in Oil and Gas Platform Transformers

Increased Fire Safety
  • K-class high fire point (>300°C) to IEC 61039
  • 100% fire safety record
  • FM Global® and UL® listed transformer fluid
  • ATEX Certification
High Performance
  • Robust and stable, conducive to lower levels of maintenance
  • High temperature performance allowing for compact transformer designs
  • Greater moisture tolerance than mineral oil, silicone liquid and natural ester
  • Suitable for retrofilling breathing transformers
  • Proven in demanding applications throughout the world
Greater Environmental Protection
  • Readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 and fully biodegradable according to IEC 61039
  • Non-toxic