Less Maintenance with MIDEL 7131

MIDEL 7131 is capable of maintaining its high performance for prolonged periods of time with relatively low levels of maintenance. As a result of these qualities, it has gained a reputation as the ‘fill and forget’ fluid.

It is possible that MIDEL 7131’s excellent high temperature stability over time and its ability to resist oxidation and absorb large amounts of water could mean that there are fewer occasions where transformers need to undergo invasive maintenance.

Having to shut down your transformer for maintenance can have a negative impact on your productivity, and ultimately profitability, if it is taken out of action for a long time. It is especially important to have low maintenance transformers in place if you are working in a challenging environment, as having to halt operations for any reason can prove extremely costly.

This is where our synthetic transformer oil has the edge over alternative products, as mineral oil generally performs less well in high temperatures and is more susceptible to the effects of moisture. MIDEL 7131 has a strong track record of maintaining a high performance level in all kinds of demanding applications.

More Reasons to Choose MIDEL 7131

In addition to reducing the need for regular transformer maintenance, MIDEL 7131 also offers many more qualities that make it a stronger choice than competing products:

  • Continues performing well at high temperatures over long periods
  • Superior oxygen stability in comparison to natural ester and uninhibited mineral oil
  • No sludge formation as seen in mineral oil
  • Greater moisture tolerance than natural ester and mineral oil
  • Better lubricant than natural ester, mineral oil and silicone liquid
  • Self-healing, unlike cast resin
  • Absence of corrosive sulphur – ASTM D1275 B and IEC 62535