Customer: New Jersey Transit

Location: New Jersey and New York

Application: Rolling stock transformers

Highest voltage: 25kV / 12kV

Big Power from Small Units

When the third largest transport services provider in the United States needed to protect its rolling rail stock, they turned to MIDEL ester transformer fluids.

New Jersey Transit provides bus, rail and light rail services covering an area of 5,235 square miles, linking major locations in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. Moving thousands of passengers every day requires a large fleet, with safety and reliability the top priorities.

On the electrified sections of the commuter network, NJ Transit use Bombardier ALP46 and ALP46A locomotives, with onboard traction transformers manufactured by ABB and filled with MIDEL 7131 fluid. Using MIDEL enabled ABB to achieve the large power output needed, but within a small unit required to optimize space on board the locomotive.

The locomotives on the NJ Transit network have one of the hardest operating cycles. Frequent stops require harsh acceleration and deceleration, placing greater strain on the traction transformer. Combined with a regenerative braking system that feeds power back into the distribution network via the transformer results in very large load fluctuations, putting huge demand on the MIDEL transformer fluid. Despite this, MIDEL has delivered consistently excellent performance, with no maintenance needed over more than 10 years’ service.

To monitor the condition of the transformers and ensure optimum performance of the MIDEL fluid during normal operations, regular samples were taken and analysed using Dissolved Gas Analysis. NJ Transit contacted the MIDEL technical team for support and guidance in interpreting the DGA results. MIDEL made sure a full assessment was quickly returned to NJ Transit, enabling a future-proof plan for monitoring the transformer fleet and ensure the continued smooth running of the network.

If optimizing transformer performance for safe and reliable operations is on your agenda, find out more about MIDEL fluids.

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