Customer: Jordanian Electric Power Company (JEPCO)
Location: Amman, JordanJordan Electric Power Company

Application: Distribution and Small Power Transformers
Highest Voltage: Up to 33kV
Rating: Up to 30MVA

Date: 1997 to present

JEPCO operates a large distribution network, based in the capital city of Amman in Jordan and covering around 66% of the population of Jordan.

JEPCO takes the safety and security of its electrical network very seriously and always look for the best solutions available. In 1997 they commissioned an engineering consultancy to look into options for improving fire safety in transformers, in the knowledge that mineral oil carries some risk, due its low fire point. The consultants reported that instead of using flammable mineral oil in the transformers, JEPCO should use MIDEL 7131. The recommendation was approved and JEPCO immediately began to specify MIDEL 7131 for all their indoor transformers.

Since then JEPCO have continued to specify MIDEL and are extremely happy with their experience of using the fluid. To date they have installed thousands of MIDEL filled transformers, mostly in the basements of residential and commercial buildings.

JEPCO buys transformers from a number of different international suppliers and are adding to the list all the time; occasionally the M&I team is called upon to liaise with a new manufacturer and provide them with the necessary information they need to design and build MIDEL filled units.

For the vast majority of cases in distribution transformers there is little or no change needed to the mineral oil design, but for some of the larger units extra technical information is needed to ensure the design is suitable. M&I’s technical experts are always on hand to provide support in these cases, whether in the Middle East or across the globe.

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