Blue Mountain ski resort in Ontario, Canada powered up a new transformer filled with MIDEL 7131 synthetic ester liquid that helps mitigate the risk of fire and damage to the natural environment, while operating effectively in a cold climate.  The transformer, manufactured by Ontario-based Northern Transformer, was a critical asset, supplying power to the resort’s snow making equipment and ski lifts.

Lindsay Ayers, Director of Environment and Planning for Blue Mountain Resort commented, “Blue Mountain Resort is committed to maintaining the Niagara Escarpment region as a healthy ecosystem for both present and future generations to enjoy. The Escarpment is a valuable local resource and we want to protect it in all areas of our operations. We also have a care of duty to ensure the safety of our employees and guests. When it came to installing a vital power supply asset, we knew it had to be filled with a fire-safe, biodegradable insulating liquid able to operate in our cold climate. Northern Transformer understood our objectives and delivered a great solution that meets our business needs.”

“Sustainability and safety are critical concerns for businesses today”, Alonso Castillo, MIDEL’s President for North America, commented, “MIDEL transformer liquids address those issues by delivering fire safety, biodegradability, improved reliability and allowing the transformer to perform safely at higher temperatures.”

Colin Mark, head of Sales and Marketing at Northern Transformer, said “Transformers operating in this region face a substantial challenge: the cold. At Northern we offer different liquid options for our transformers, including both natural (vegetable oil) and synthetic esters. For this project, however, we specified synthetic ester. With a pour point of -56°C, it was an ideal liquid for when we need to start up the transformer on freezing mornings on the mountain. The best solution was to use MIDEL 7131, a synthetic ester liquid that offers effective cold weather performance along with total fire safety and biodegradability.”

Blue Mountain Resort is Canada’s largest mountain resort visited by more than 1.5 million guests a year.

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