When Southern Power Systems, a MIDEL Service Partner with operations throughout the Gulf Coast states in the USA, was consulted on performing a transformer retrofill at an ethylene manufacturing plant in Louisiana, the company saw an ideal opportunity for using MIDEL eN 1204 natural ester transformer fluid. The transformer in question, a Westinghouse 1500 KVA unit, is used to supply power into the facility’s wastewater treatment plant. The transformer was situated in a remote part of the site, close to a wooded area where any mineral oil spill would cause significant environmental problems; but this was not the only reason a natural ester fluid was deployed.

Bruce Waguespack Jr, Maintenance & Field Services Manager at Southern Power Systems, explained “When we look at a retrofilling situation, we think beyond the immediate issues of how to handle the mineral oil in the legacy transformer. With our experience of ester transformer fluids, we can often identify areas of cost savings that otherwise might be overlooked.” In this case, the technical team advised that the cost of re-processing the mineral oil currently in the transformer would prove to be too expensive, considering all the equipment and processes needed. The alternative option of replacing the unit with a new transformer would be even more costly.

Retrofilling with MIDEL eN 1204 (canola-based fluid) was especially attractive as its superior oxidation resistance (compared to soybean-based ester fluid) allowed easier handling and reassurance in the retrofill process for Southern Power Systems.

“Our customer was able to extend the life of the existing transformer, with a 50% saving over alternative actions and with significantly less downtime. Retrofilling with MIDEL eN 1204 delivered the life extension, fire safety and environmental protection mandated by the customer.”
– Bruce Waguespack Jr, Maintenance & Field Services Manager, Southern Power Systems

MIDEL eN 1204 is the premier natural ester transformer fluid. Made from sustainable rapeseed/canola oil, it is readily biodegradable, non-toxic and is FM and UL approved. Its fire safety and environmental credentials can enable reductions in containment measures.

• >300°C fire point
• Fully/readily biodegradable
• High oxidation stability
• Superior moisture tolerance (protecting the transformer’s solid insulation and thereby extending its lifetime).

For commercial and industrial large power users, MIDEL ester transformer fluids deliver fire safety, environmental protection and superior moisture tolerance. In addition, using MIDEL can also result in reduced maintenance costs, reduced insurance premiums and in the case of retrofilling an existing transformer, the avoidance of capital expenditure.

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