MIDEL Service Partners – a unique global network of retrofilling experts

The MIDEL Service Partner (MSP) initiative was developed to build a network of experienced oil service and maintenance companies to source and complete the retrofilling of electricity transformers. Retrofilling is the process of replacing mineral oil in an existing transformer with MIDEL ester fluid. This process upgrades the transformer and removes the need to purchase an expensive new unit.

The MSP initiative was rolled out initially in the UK and has now expanded into a worldwide network of service partners. MIDEL Service Partners (MSPs) are carefully screened and receive technical training to ensure they deliver best practice in MIDEL retrofilling.

MIDEL Service Partners now deliver retrofilling projects across the EMEA, APAC and Americas regions.

MIDEL Service Partner

Our aim is to deliver the benefits of retrofilling to the end user market. To do this we support MIDEL Service Partners in identifying MIDEL retrofill opportunities for their customers. The result? Transformer owners benefit from a safer, greener and better performing asset while avoiding CapEx and Opex costs.

Using MIDEL fluids in transformers (versus mineral oil) delivers tangible benefits including:

Removes fire risk – the high fire point of MIDEL fluids eliminates the possibility of a transformer pool fire, thereby protecting lives and property plus reinforcing business continuity.

Avoids risk of environmental contamination – MIDEL fluids are readily biodegradable, unlike mineral oil.

Increases transformer life, delay transformer replacement – the superior water tolerance properties of MIDEL significantly increases the life of solid insulation, thereby extending the life of the transformer.

Cuts operating expenses – maintenance of mineral oil transformers can be costly – consider oil filtration operations and maintenance of fire suppression systems. Using MIDEL can help reduce maintenance OpEx requirements.

How to access the MIDEL Service Partner network: if you are operating or managing transformer units and want to explore retrofilling as a potential solution, simply get in touch below and we will introduce you to a MIDEL Service Partner in your region.

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