This new reference work – released in March 2022 – covers the concept and practice of retrofilling electrical transformers (replacing the mineral oil in existing transformers with natural and synthetic ester fluids).

“Retrofilling with MIDEL: your questions answered” is aimed at helping transformer owners, engineers and service companies understand the advantages of retrofilling with ester fluids – explaining the key technical, financial, and environmental considerations involved.

In this document we answer the questions we receive most frequently regarding retrofilling transformers with MIDEL. Drawing on our extensive retrofilling experience developed since the 1970s, we have produced a global handbook that can be consulted by industry professionals involved in transformer asset management.

The new MIDEL reference work combines and cross-checks standards and guidance from global bodies including IEC, IEEE, ASTM, FM Global and Underwriters’ Laboratory, and other standards applicable specifically to the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA.

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