MIDEL eN 1215 is a versatile, fire-safe ester transformer fluid made from renewable soybean crops. Environmentally safer than mineral oil, MIDEL eN 1215 is the ideal solution for non-free breathing transformers in temperate climates. Reliable performance from an ester fluid with sound sustainability credentials.

MIDEL eN 1215 is a natural ester dielectric liquid designed to provide an alternative to mineral oil, silicone liquid and dry-type transformers. It has a pour point of -18°C.

MIDEL eN 1215 has a high fire point, significantly increasing the fire safety of your transformers and reducing the need for fire protection equipment.

MIDEL eN 1215 is sustainably sourced and readily biodegradable, avoiding environmental damage should leakage occur and enabling reductions in containment measures.

MIDEL eN 1215 is an effective solution for temperate climate installations for non free-breathing transformers.

MIDEL eN 1215 has a high moisture tolerance. This characteristic enables the extension of cellulose insulation life.

MIDEL eN 1215 is suitable for a wide range of transformer applications and is ideal for non free-breathing transformers located indoors or outside.



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Benefits of Using MIDEL eN 1215

  • Increased fire safety
  • Greater environmental protection
  • Asset life extension
  • Superior moisture tolerance
  • FM Approved
  • UL® Classified
  • RoHS compliance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Expert technical support

Areas of Application

  • Sealed distribution transformers in urban areas and buildings
  • Sealed power transformers up to 400 kV
  • Sealed rectifier transformers
  • Sealed pole-type transformers
  • Tapchangers
  • Retrofilling of sealed transformers