The World’s First Regenerated Ester Transformer Fluid

MIDEL Regen is derived from in-service synthetic ester fluid which would otherwise be scheduled for disposal. It delivers the same MIDEL benefits of superior fire safety, environmental protection and improved transformer performance.

Since the 1970s MIDEL synthetic ester transformer fluid has been used in millions of assets worldwide, displacing mineral oil and PCBs with a safer, greener alternative. We have used our 45+ years experience in developing esters to regenerate used MIDEL 7131 into MIDEL Regen, so it can be redeployed into the power industry.

This reinforces the growing adoption of, and preference for, MIDEL 7131. That the liquid can be regenerated at the end of its useful life gives owner/operators the added peace of mind of having selected the most sustainable insulating liquid for their transformer fleets.