July 12, 2016 – MIDEL’s industry experts will be exhibiting at the prestigious CIGRE power event in Paris from 21-26 August, 2016.

The CIGRE Session provides a unique opportunity to listen to contributions from international senior executives as well as experts and specialists through official presentations, panel discussions, technical meetings and poster sessions.

In parallel with the Session, a Technical Exhibition will be held in the same location. The exhibition offers a venue for visitors, including CIGRE delegates, to discover new services, tools, equipment and materials as well as the most advanced technologies in the field of power systems.

Barry Menzies, MIDEL’s Product Group Director, commented “This is an exciting time for the MIDEL family of ester transformer fluids. We have expanded our manufacturing and sales footprint to include the United States, and our natural ester fluids are being deployed in a growing number of installations – most recently by Siemens in a project that saw more than 100 distribution transformers filled with biodegradable insulating fluids for one of the largest grid operators in Germany.”

Alonso Castillo, President of M&I Materials for the Americas said “Increasingly we are seeing MIDEL synthetic and natural ester transformer fluids being used in mainstream projects; the recent installation for a large utility shows the potential of using fluids with superior fire and environmental protection attributes”.