Industry-leading move means MIDEL Regen will deliver tangible sustainability credentials plus heightened fire safety and environmental benefits

Power distribution equipment specialists Slaters Electricals has announced it will offer a regenerated synthetic ester transformer fluid – MIDEL Regen – as the insulating fluid in its range of refurbished transformers offered to the UK market. Slaters Electricals stocks the UK’s largest inventory of immediately available new and refurbished power distribution equipment for sale or hire.

Slaters Electricals is also an established MIDEL Service Partner, having completed MIDEL technical training on retrofilling (replacing mineral oil in existing transformers with MIDEL ester fluids).

Made by UK-based manufacturer M&I Materials, MIDEL Regen is the world’s first regenerated ester transformer fluid. It is manufactured from end-of-use MIDEL synthetic ester fluid which would otherwise be scheduled for disposal.  Like new synthetic ester, MIDEL Regen delivers superior fire safety, environmental protection and improved transformer performance, but is derived from reclaimed sources as opposed to raw materials.

Slaters Electricals is the UK’s largest stockist of quality new and refurbished transformers and switchgear.

Jamie Slater, Managing Director at Slaters Electricals, commented: The call for more sustainable solutions in the power sector is growing louder. Refurbished transformers are by definition a circular economy product, and so the addition of MIDEL Regen is a compelling option for sustainability-minded end users. Slaters Electricals has been innovating since it was established in 1923, and this new offering marks our latest drive to add ever more value in the refurbished transformer space.”

MIDEL’s Global Managing Director, Barry Menzies, added: This is a very exciting development for MIDEL Regen. It’s especially encouraging that a company of such longevity and proven expertise as Slaters Electricals should endorse this ground-breaking transformer insulating fluid. Adding MIDEL Regen to the high-quality range of Slaters Electricals’ refurbished transformers is an important step to creating safer, greener, and better performing power distribution assets.”