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The advantages of Natural and Synthetic Esters Fluids to be discussed at WEIDMANN Transformer and Technology Seminar

The advantages of Natural and Synthetic Esters Fluids to be discussed at WEIDMANN Transformer and Technology Seminar


8 April, 2015

M&I Materials will be making a presentation at the WEIDMANN Transformer & Technology Seminar on 22-24 April 2015 in Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland. The presentation, titled “Advantages and Challenges of Natural and Synthetic Esters Fluids” will review and examine the properties, applications and key benefits of these ester dielectric fluids relating to their use in transformers, including performance comparisons with mineral oils.

The 3-day transformer seminar includes an array of industry experts and companies presenting and discussing topics such as materials and components used in transformers, design of distribution and power transformers, factory testing, operation of transformers and on-site testing. The seminar was developed to give the participants both an introduction and a comprehensive overview about transformer technology. This unique course also covers topics like manufacturer’s qualification, design reviews, transformer-grid interaction, transformer noise, aging of materials, electrical test methods and monitoring.

The M&I presentation will also highlight the advantages of synthetic and natural esters fluids in terms of environmental protection, fire safety and asset life extension versus mineral oil.

M&I Material’s attendance at the event follows the recent news that National Grid has competitively tendered and awarded a contract to Siemens AG Österreich, Transformers Weiz, for the provision of three MIDEL 7131 filled 400/132kV 240MVA transformers to be delivered to National Grid’s Highbury, London substation development from summer 2015 (click Midel Transformers for more info about this project).

For more information about the WEIDMANN Transformer & Technology Seminar, visit WEIDMANN

Additional reference on Midel dielectric transformer fluids can be accessed here: Midel documents. Alternatively contact M&I online for assistance.

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