August 30, 2023 – Atlanta, GA. Electrical engineering group Voltyx is partnering with manufacturer M&I Materials to deploy its range of MIDEL ester-based transformer fluids in projects across the USA. Voltyx engineers completed MIDEL technical training, making the company an official MIDEL Service Partner – joining a worldwide network of electrical engineering specialists working towards safer, greener transformers and power networks.

The MIDEL range of ester transformer fluids includes a synthetic ester – MIDEL 7131, two natural ester fluids – canola-based MIDEL eN 1204 and soybean-based MIDEL eN 1215, and MIDEL Regen – the world’s first regenerated synthetic ester fluid. All MIDEL fluids are biodegradable and have a fire point exceeding 300°C (in contrast to legacy transformer insulating fluid’s fire point of 170°C).

Mike Rembish, Chief Commercial Officer at Voltyx, commented, “We are delighted to be officially recognized as a MIDEL Service Partner. The Voltyx family of companies has established a reputation for innovation, expertise, and technical excellence in the power industry. Working with MIDEL ester fluids will enable us to offer tangible benefits to transformer owners and operators across the United States.”

MIDEL’s executive vice-president for the Americas, Anthony Coker, added, “The MIDEL Service Partner initiative was developed to build a network of experienced oil service and maintenance companies to perform the retrofilling of electrical transformers – replacing mineral oil in an existing transformer with MIDEL ester fluid. This process upgrades the transformer and removes the need to purchase an expensive new unit. The result is that transformer owners benefit from a safer, greener and better performing asset while avoiding CapEx and Opex costs”.