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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Based on a renewable natural ester, MIDEL eN’s high fire point makes it ideal for safe use in high risk areas such as underground or indoors. This places it above alternatives such as mineral oil when it comes to fire safety.

MIDEL eN is classified as K-class according to IEC 61039, which places it alongside our synthetic transformer oil MIDEL 7131 in an elite group of fluids that are able to offer impeccable fire safety.

Fire is one of the main hazards associated with mineral oils used in transformers, and it can cause serious damage if preventative measures are not put in place. The risk to your employees and property is substantial, particularly if the fire spreads quickly.

It is vital to have the correct procedures in place to guard against these unnecessary risks, starting with using safe, high performing transformer oils such as MIDEL eN.

Properties of MIDEL eN

There are many features of MIDEL eN that make this transformer fluid such an impressive option for those concerned about fire safety.

Below are some of the key attributes it offers that will help increase protection against fire:

  • 100% fire safety record
  • High fire point (>300°C)
  • Classified as K-class by IEC 61039
  • FM Global® and UL® listed transformer fluid
  • Proven resistance to ignition
  • Self extinguishing
  • Potentially lower fire protection costs

Ask Midel

If you have questions you would like to ask about the fire safety properties of MIDEL eN, or if you want to know more about what our natural ester can offer, such as thermal properties and moisture tolerance, contact our experts today and we will be glad to answer.

For a full overview of what all our Midel transformer fluids can offer, you may wish to look at our documents, which contain plenty of in-depth information about our products.

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