Using biodegradable, fire-safe ester-based insulating fluids in electrical transformers can directly contribute to greener, more efficient, more reliable and less expensive national electrical infrastructure. This will be the core theme of a Technical Symposium hosted at the Hatten Hotel Melaka on Wednesday 12th July 2023.

Presented by TNB Labs in partnership with the Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Power Transcoteq & Services, AMCM and MIDEL Ester Transformer Fluids, the symposium is intended for utility engineers, researchers, and transformer manufacturers to exchange knowledge regarding the technical and performance characteristics of environmentally friendly insulating fluid to improve the operation, maintenance and condition of transformers.

Topics covered will include ester oil as the solution to mineral oil limitation, how ester fluids improve transformer performance, maintenance considerations, as well as case studies from local and international users.

Steve Jones, sales director for MIDEL in Asia-Pacific, commented “This symposium addresses the questions from the power industry regarding the implementation of green technology. We will also address how ester fluids will support the Green Technology Master Plan Malaysia as well as helping to deliver Sustainable Development Goals through education, discussion and collaboration”.

Sessions will include:

  • Ester Fluid – the answer to mineral oil limitations?
  • How ester fluid can improve electrical transformer performance.
  • Maintenance – the critical differences between mineral oil and ester fluid.
  • Case Studies – sharing experiences from local and international users.

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